Origin: Boston, MA


Genres:  Hip Hop


Years Active:  2012- Present


Label:  BMG Records


Website: supremeentnow.org

Short Bio

BMG Boyz is managed by Supreme Entertainment under BMG Records bring two unique styles together to form the BMG Boyz with Bugsy Streetz & Sinbad 1Life..



Under Supreme Entertainment Management these Independent artists own their right's to their catalog and performing rights to live performances and is make the way for independent artists to do the same.


Bugsy Streetz aka BDot Is a Boston based artist whose primary focus is to bring the entertainment and party back to hip-hop. Since 1998 when Bugsy born Bobby Reed was a teenager when he witnessed, his friend's murder because of the violence terrorizing the streets of Boston Ma. That’s when he took his late friends advice to get out the streets by doing his music.


So he dropped a series of underground mixtapes through the Boston underground under the name B.Streetz. Bay2Bean vol.1(2001) Recboys United (2002) and the Streetz is still watching (2003). Ever since then he’s connected with Boston’s most noticed promoter Barbara Williams from New England Up Front ENT. She gave him the opportunity to showcase his talent by performing in such venues as Sammy's Patio Revere Ma. And Pufferbellies Hyannis Ma.with artist such as the CokeBoys. There he started to build his buzz in New England. He has rocked stages all over Boston’s hotspots.


Bugsy as CEO of the Black Market Gang (BMG) wanting to build his brand so he signed on Supreme Entertainment as his General Management to oversee the business aspect of Bugsy Streetz and BMG.


They all have felt the Bugsy Streetz experience. Bugsy has since dropped his recent mixtape Made Man(2013) His popularity grows like he’s the Beatles of Hip Hop, Raps true Grateful Dead, this artist has the poise to supply a potent & much needed voice for the city of Boston. The culture and music as a whole. He’s future seems bright! You want to make your next event a Bugsy Streetz Experience?







www.N1M.com/Bugsy Streetz




Sinbad Onelife is a Boston underground artist that can write and rap to any tip of music hip hop, reggaeton, his unique style and flow blend to any sound. he performed with many big time artist DMX, Remy ma, and so on he now signed to Black Market Gang Records and managed by Supreme Entertainment as partnership to build his brand and image to the industry market from underground to above ground Sinbad also gives back to his community and fans by supporting “I Eat We Eat” project where in 2018 he help feed families for thanksgiving. Since with BMG Sinbad has designed his clothing and products as he keep learning his trade as a young entrepreneur with BMG Records. Currently he is working on a new project called streetsinz vol 1


www.twitter.com/ Sinbad_1life


www.facebook.com/ 1life inc







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