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Are you an Entrepreneur?

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

The way how the economy is going now it is difficult to find employment. Recently people have created their own job.

1.the Entrepreneur journeys begins starting a business from scratch is risky but its even more so when you lack resources and a financial safety net and business experience. Yet necessity entrepreneurs do it. adjusting not just to the realities of business but to a new self-identity, all while under intense financial pressure. Most entrepreneurs whether driven by necessity or opportunity will learn to reinvent themselves.

2.Changing A Mindset- some people with side hustles do not consider themselves entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurship means something bigger, sexier, techier than what they consider. Also people don't think of themselves as bosses or owners.

3. the Resources around us - artist should hire an accountant to manage finances and an attorney to draft a formal partnership agreement.

4.the Community conundrum - Mixing Business with friendships in the community. knowing when to take someone one their word vs. having a formal written agreement.

5.the transformation is complete- once you have legally started your business

gained partnership with managing your business and promotions branding your business starts to grow.

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