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Are you the next Master P?

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

As founder and CEO of No Limit Entertainment, Miller at one time presided over a business empire that included his conglomerate No Limit Enterprises, No Limit Records, Bout It Inc., No Limit Clothing, No Limit Communications, No Limit Films, No Limit Sports Management, P. M. Properties, and Advantage Travel.

When he couldn't get the kind of deal he wanted for his first movie, a low-budget ghetto docudrama called ''I'm 'Bout It,'' he took $1 million out of the bank and wrote, directed, produced and starred in it. He released it independently on videocassette and sold over 200,000 copies, earning back his investment, he said, and $9 million or so more. By proving he could make a successful film by himself, he was able to negotiate a distribution deal with Miramax for his next movie, ''I Got the Hook-Up,'' which will be released in theaters on May 27.

In pursuit of his goal of billions, Master P has already moved beyond entertainment: he has bought a real estate company, a Foot Locker outlet and a gas station, and he's started a No Limit clothing line, a phone-sex company and a sports management firm that represents several basketball draft picks.

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