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Black Market Gang Records

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

Independent record label for independent artists music development, placement and distribution.

BMG Records inc is an Independent label managed by Supreme Entertainment working together in building an independent platform that can work for unseen talent.

Independent artists need exposure and they need to tap into the right sources that help their music prepare for the consumer by people who are music industry professionals with the ability to help artists career move into a marketable source.

BMG Records is an independent label developed by Bugsy Streetz of BMG Records executive founder for independent artists to take their music and career to a business platform that can support their lifestyle.

“Independent is the way to own your Right's and catalogs there is no cookie cutter but there’s a stunning layout for everyone.”

BMG Records is managed by Supreme Entertainment and make services that independent can afford to invest in them self.

BMG Records Inc. and Supreme Entertainment artists straight out of Boston too showcase BMG Records CEO Bugsy Streets, Prince Emai, Sinbad Onelife, Charlie Lucious and BMG’s first lady the haitian goddess Miss Serious,.


This is just some of what is brewing out Boston in the Independent industry from BMG Records Inc.and Supreme Entertainment.

Why BMG Records

Supreme Entertainment with BMG Records is looking to bring structure to a 5.8 billion dollar Independent industry.

BMG Records is under the Network Foundation of Music and has access to all the needed information for independent artists to expand their career.

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