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How to be the Boss

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

  1. Set Boundaries Be mindful of your new role - You are no longer the employee. Start to create parameters for example socializing at the company happy hour or a mutual friend birthday party , but decide early on that you won't cross lines.(Getting wasted is not appropriate.)

  2. Model the Behavior you want to see- Everyday you set the tone of the Business. Be aware of your actions. Your employees take cues from you. If you call out of work often or zone out during meeting your employees will start to follow your lead.

  3. Get Comfortable with awkward conversations- Now your the person who has to fire someone or go over policy when procedures are not being followed try stating the unacceptable behavior and reinforce company policy then end with this is a warning. remember to ask your HR department for pointers on what to say before the meeting.

  4. Don't act like a Know-It-All- Staff like to feel valued ask for their advice. When you acknowledge their experience and give them due credit it fosters partnership instead of resentment

Supreme Entertainment works with their partners and associates where business is not connected to friendship and we practice this to avoid the common business never leaving the ground syndrome. Told to me by Supreme, respect the intellectual property and watch where you build.

It's important to be selectively as to who you work for and/or with in any work environment to find any comfort in what you do. When the time comes to make the tuff decisions friendship will not be the one thing you do not use when it's what's best for business to get a clear understanding of the action steps.

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