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How to Boost Optimism and Drive!

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

  1. Empower the team. The teams spirit is often lifted knowing we're all in this together. Empower the team with all the information possible and encourage them to come up with and execute potential solutions.

  2. Open up Lines of communication- Often the situation may worsen if not talked about. Silence brings tension. Remind the team we will not only survive but thrive down the road. Create mediation session to bring a solution to the teams tension.

  3. Work it out- Literally get the team together and create an activity to create a healthy bond.

  4. Remember the mission - Stay focus in the mission always keep in mind there is a reason you do what you do.

  5. Investigate it - To understand causes of problems have an open door policy, Research is important to be used in problem solver.

  6. Plan Ahead - Monthly meetings every team member expresses something they really liked that another member did in the past week. It helps build a community of people who work hard and get recognized for it. Keeping informed is important to keep the team informed.


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