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The Art of the Startup

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

Find your Niche What are your talents? What are your interests? is there a demand for what you do? Can you fill avoid by bring something new?

Learn from other users what issue you will solve. For example what do you bring to the table and are you ready to invest in yourself. What will it take too be notice, but networking with others you may find some answers or help in your endeavor.

Barter for talent. Most startups have little money so if you can find others in your field to work with you in exchange for your free contribution. For example performing at a venue in exchange for marketing, create merchandise to sell with music or art.

Focus on all administrative needs to be in compliance with the laws and business needs to insure legal ownership and rights. Find others in your circle who will support your endeavor that will help you exploit the endeavor.

Supreme Entertainment helps to consult new business start ups and independent artists.

Focus your pitch- answer the question why should a record label sign "you" instead of "them" ...

Be confident in who you are and what you are pitching the more you believe in the endeavor others will to like investors. Know your business and keep advancing with what works.

Show off your success. Target different venues you can perform in; Collaborate with others and work with your fans and community. The more you display your brand bring more recognition to you.

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