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The Network Foundation of Music and Independent Rights

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

the Network Federation of music shall be a no profit membership organization of the Network Federation of Music and consulting Managed by Supreme Entertainment administrative.

The object of the Network Federation of Music, as a non-profit organization, shall be to advance the interest and to promote the culture of entertainment, music and the allied arts through study, training and educating to aid and encourage musical education, to develop and maintain high musical standards, to promote American independent music, and to cooperate with Supreme Entertainment administration in the specific plans for the advancement of entertainment and independent music.

“We the people of the independent industry know whats needed for the industry.”

We’re in the middle of a Digital Revolution, where millions of jobs are being destroyed or replaced by automation, robots, and software. Worst of all, our education system continues to teach knowledge and skills that will soon be replaced by these technologies.

The Resource

The Network can provide the educational tools & resources to answer any question through Live or online workshops, Training Sessions, and seminars; which can be an endless resource of income for the Network and can create a valuable well of resources and relationships for its members and consumers.

The The Network Federation of Music is organized exclusively for

charitable, scientific and educational purposes, more specifically to the entertainment industry performers rights.

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